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    Latest releases

    Lanzamiento de Bitdefender Internet Security Multi-device 2014. Una solución de seguridad fácil de gestionar para varias plataformas. Con un solo producto podrás proteger tu PC, Mac y dispositivo Android.

    ¡¡18 meses de servicio !!
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    Solutions business

    We offer solutions for your company. Neuxpower optimization software file storage and recovery for your company or Knosys Blue, the ECM system that will let you organize your paper handling digitally.


    Why Micronet?
    Support and presales - Training online and face-to-face technical and commercial - Fast commercial attention and service - Proximity - Increase your profitability - Marketing services.

    Micronet's Blog

    A place where we can express ourselves, listen to our clients and friends informed of developments and industry Micronet and lend a hand in the use of our products. In short, a place of their own dedicated to what we love. The software.

    Leading developer, publisher and distributor of PC software in the consumer and professional market. We have over 30 years experience in the industry and is widely recognized among users and experts from the specialized media. We specialize in the entire lifecycle of information, from management to its protection.